Our Pumps and Specifications

Nelco Industries’ auxiliary water pumps are designed in the US to provide reliable and efficient water pumping solutions during critical situations. These pumps are constructed with durable materials and incorporate advanced features to ensure maximum performance, even in harsh environments. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Nelco Industries stands out as a leading provider of auxiliary water pumps, offering exceptional value and service to customers.

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  • HP – 2.2hp
  • Tank capacity – 3L
  • Run time – 1-2hrs
  • Body type – Aluminum
  • Dry weight – 75lbs
  • Fuel Type – Diesel
  • Suction & discharge size – 2″NPT
  • Cooling mode – Air cooled
  • Starting mode – Pull start
  • Frame material – Steel
  • Flow rate – 155GPM
  • Maximum suction head – 10ft